Born in France , I lived as a fashion photographer in USA and Canada for seven years until my 29th birthday when I started to travel the world on photographic assignements for magazines. In 1995 I went to India with a challenge to myself: no more color images, no more magazine editors to please, only black and white film in my Leica cameras and the desire to create a meaningfull photo story. After three winters with Indian Sufis, I came back home with photographs from a beautiful side of Islam: "Dargahs, Sanctuaires des Soufis Indiens". A first exhibition of this work took place at the Batha Museum, in Fez Morocco during the Festival of Sacred Music in 1999…

I went to Tibet in 2000 for a few months to walk through the mountains with Tibetan pilgrims. A book: "Pèlerinages Tibétains" was printed in France in 2004.

I am about to publish a book on zodiacal typology featuring nude portraits of 144 women from all zodiacal signs and ascendants.

Some of my images are available for the press, advertising or web use through PictureTank, my agency in Paris.

Until now, the sale of my photographs happened during photo exhibitions or through a network off friends and collectors. I have been asked to make them available to a larger public; here they are: classic analog photographic prints. Image forming metals: silver, gold, cobalt, copper, sélénium, onto fibre-based papers. The alchemy of the photographer's darkroom. Archival museum quality.

More prints to come as I find time for scanning them. 

Prices for the different prints sizes are:  40 cm x 50 cm: 600€     30 cm x 40 cm: 400€     24 cm x 30 cm: 300€   

Every photograph from "Tibetan Pilgrimages" and "Sufi Shrines in India" can be printed on demand to any size you wish.     

You are welcome to ask any question about prices, shipping cost or a possible photographic request.

I will give you my phone number by email.